Creative, fun, educational and also safe and protective…

As parents, it’s brilliant to have Audrey in a classroom environment that is creative, fun, educational and also safe and protective of gifted children and their special needs, like Pinjarra.

We are thrilled she is getting opportunities to be cognitively extended and stretched individually.

At the same time her sense of co-operativeness, caring for others and ability to share is being encouraged, and we can see the impact of this.
For example, meeting Lisa Stewart (book illustrator) was a rare and special learning opportunity for Audrey.

She calls Yellow Room “school” and  “where she can see all her friends”.

We are confident Audrey is thriving at Pinjarra and in Yellow Room.

We are very grateful for your creativity, dedication and professionalism, and that of Jennifer and your professional colleagues.

Robert and Julie, 1 child through Pinjarra