Blossomed as a confident and warm individual

Thank you for taking exceptional care with Audrey Claire’s education and nurturing at such a formative junction in her life. You can see all the benefits she has experienced from her time in Yellow/Red Room (half her life so far!) and she has blossomed as a confident and warm individual thanks to your guidance.

Rob and Julie, 1 child through Pinjarra

Loves going to school..

Ben loves going to school, we try not to take it personally when he asks us if he’s going to school on the weekend and we say no and he is so disappointed.

Kelly and Steve, 2 children through Pinjarra

A positive force..

Thank you for being such a positive force in Aiden’s life, for focusing on his strengths and for providing so many ways to stimulate his interests.

– Leanne and Brendan, 2 children through Pinjarra

It’s all incredible

The activities you plan, the rooms you decorate, the friendships you help foster- it’s all incredible. And it’s helping Maddie and Lolle (and us!) believe that school is fun, which is incredibly important.

Gillian and Luke, 2 children through Pinjarra

Become very social and a lot more confident…

I have to say that both children are loving their new classrooms. Nathan has suddenly become very social and a lot more confident when interacting with his peers, and is asking to go to see his friends in the weekends.
And Arya loves the Yellow room and is flourishing there. Every evening when I pick her up she is sandy, happy and full of stories about her friends, the toys and the sandpit.

Monica, 2 children through Pinjarra

Creative, fun, educational and also safe and protective…

As parents, it’s brilliant to have Audrey in a classroom environment that is creative, fun, educational and also safe and protective of gifted children and their special needs, like Pinjarra. We are thrilled she is getting opportunities to be cognitively extended and stretched individually. At the same time her sense of co-operativeness, caring for others and ability to share is being encouraged, and we can see the impact of this. For example, meeting Lisa Stewart (book illustrator) was a rare and special learning opportunity for Audrey.
She calls Yellow Room “school” and “where she can see all her friends”.
We are confident Audrey is thriving at Pinjarra and in Yellow Room.
We are very grateful for your creativity, dedication and professionalism, and that of Jennifer and your professional colleagues.

Robert and Julie, 1 child through Pinjarra

Pinjarra is a special centre full of happy children…

It has been a big year for Amy- starting at the centre and the arrival of her new brother but these major changes have been alleviated by the staff at Pinjarra.
Pinjarra is a special centre full of happy children which is testament to the calibre of all the staff. We feel very lucky to have found such a great centre close to our home.

Amanda and Oliver, 2 children through Pinjarra

Children will thrive in a stimulating environment.

We are always greeted with beautiful smiles and different activities- these not only reassure parents that their children are well-looked after but also that the children will thrive in a stimulating environment.

Hugh and Patricia, 1 child through Pinjarra

Consistency was very much appreciated…

It was really fantastic that everyone at the Green Room were always smiling and happy- that consistency was very much appreciated not only by Noah but also by his parents!

Yuko and David, 3 children through Pinjarra

His happy smiley face is proof

As first time parents, there are so many uncertainties. Placing Kian at Pinjarra’s Baby Centre has been a sure thing though.
Knowing that Kian is in competent, loving hands gives us peace of mind.
His happy smiley face when we pick him up at the end of the day is proof of this.
You guys do a fantastic job! Thank you so much

Ian and Lecia, 2 children through Pinjarra